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When  you are ready to take a step and start a program to build personal financial power, you want to be sure your trainer is qualified. You also want to be sure the people they introduce you to have your best interest in mind.

  • Evonne Ryan, the founder of Wealth Strong® Life Solutions, has a long history as a financial educator, certified coach, financial strategist, securities principal and accredited investment fiduciary. Her commitment is to work with experts and build organizations that focus on empowerment.
  • Michael Hartmann, the founder of Wealth Net Advisors, Inc., has spent decades designing, testing and building money management systems for large and small companies. After seeing where these efforts were focused, he formed his own company to provide a system that would help average people take advantage of the same, formerly elite-only systems, but on a much more economical and broad scale.

Our backgrounds as teachers, consumer educators and award-winning financial strategists, along with our belief that our purpose is to provide high value and service that can change the lives of millions of people makes what we do unique. Our calling has the potential to shake up the financial industry.

We have experienced the thrill that comes from winning awards for the work we do. We have also witnessed the devastation that can happen when hard working people become victim to financial trickery, don’t have access to strategies that can extend their cash flow longevity or can’t provide their family with the stability they seek.

From winning awards to working for a higher purpose, two colleagues and two companies pledge their dedication to a unique way of doing business.

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How Our Companies Came To Be

Evonne Ryan and Mike Hartmann started as business partners in the 90’s. They built companies that were recognized for award winning financial work and that served their clients well. As their ideas grew and the years passed, they each went on to create separate firms and enjoy their own successes. Both Mike and Evonne have been published and honored for their individual work.

In 2014, Evonne and Mike reconnected. Even though they had experienced success in their time apart, they both still felt the same compassion for the people they wanted to help. It was time to do more. It was time to collaborate again with high-caliber professionals in dedication to the Personal Financial Power vision.

Mike and Evonne were concerned about the growing devastation that the average family suffers. Hard-working people have and continue to fall victim to financial systems that are not on their side. While almost every other industry has used technology to better serve people with improve, less-expensive options, the financial industry as a whole is less than eager to provide the answer – especially if it lessens profits. Technology can increase transparency and simplify processes, but access to financial information grows ever more complicated, expensive and time consuming. People look at their accounts and feel like they’re going backwards.

Evonne and Mike were concerned that the financial industry was not improving life for people. Both realized that the financial industry could be a place where people were served and their lives improved.

“It was time again to pool our efforts. The need is greater than ever for Americans to understand and use positive strategies to make their money work for them. We can now provide services formerly reserved for the elite.  I know I can contribute on a larger level by providing high-level money management at a low, flat fee that everyone can afford.”
Mike Hartmann

“We are willing to focus our energies on helping people understand money’s role in serving a person’s true wealth so they can provide their family the financial stability they deserve. We are dedicated to providing individuals access to strategies that make dollars work more efficiently, that can extend their cash flow longevity, and give them confidence that they control their own financial future.”
Evonne Ryan

Evonne and Mike made the decision to partner once more and dedicate their talents to serving you. These two separate companies augment their complementary talents, helping you move from fear to financial confidence.